Careers in the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture


There are many options for a career in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. These options range from a commercial fisher to a fishery biologist. Their salaries and post-secondary requirements also range from both sides of the spectrum. Some of the jobs include: a commercial angler, a hatchery technician, a fisheries and marine biologist, a fishing guide, and many more that are not on this list. Here are some jobs available in the field of fisheries and aquaculture.

Commercial Angler

A commercial fisher is probably the first job someone thinks of when they hear a job in the fishing industry. A commercial fisherman’s job is to catch fish, maintain and repair equipment, required to catch, clean, and transport fish, and to operate fishing vessels. The salary range for a commercial angler in the United States is between $28.4K-$81.2K USD per year.

A commercial fishing boat with nets

Fishing Guide

Another career in the fishing industry that requires one to be able to catch fish is being a fishing guide. A fishing guide’s job is to basically go fishing with someone, a client, and help them catch fish. A guide can be employed by a company, or they can be self-employed. A fishing guide’s salary can be around $38.4K-$44K Per year, though this can hard to predict.

A fly fishing guide guiding a client

Hatchery Technician

A hatchery technician is an important job for the commercial seafood industry and for the natural stock of fish in our ecosystem. Hatchery technicians are the labor force in a commercial hatchery or a government hatchery. feeding, grading/counting, or measuring fish, mortality removal, site security, routine maintenance of gear and machines. The average salary is about $55,151 per year.

A hatchery technician looking at juvenile trout

Fisheries Biologist

Another career vital to the commercial and tourist fishing industry would be the fisheries biologist. A fisheries biologist works in aquatic areas where fish populations are located. They primarily work on researching natural fish stocks and finding a way to improve them. A Marine biologist’s average salary is about $69, 859 per year.

Fishery biologists working


This is just a short summary and explanation of some of the careers in the fishing industry. The jobs have a great range in salary and what they do.